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Johanna Ahlm vandt kampen med Rasmus – denne gang

Johanna Ahlm fik lov at bestemme i det lille hjem og så gik turen til Sverige, men skulle Rasmus have brug for support næste gang de skal vælge land, så er vi klar med moralsk opbakning til ham, for vi vil gerne have Johanna og Rasmus hjem til Danmark igen.

Læs første del af interviewet HER.

-After many years in Denmark and a Danish boyfriend did you ever consider staying in Denmark?

I have always had a dream to come back and play in Sävehof, but of course Rasmus (my boyfriend) has tried to persuade me that we should stay in Denmark. This time I won, but I have promised that we should reconsider it after two years…

You country is hosting the European Championship this year. How does this affect the club handball in Sweden?

The team around the European Championship in Sweden is making a great work. I hope it will result in an even greater interest and that it can create greater opportunities for the Swedish clubs. However, I believe that it is important with a success for the Swedish team as well, which would certainly create a big boost.

-How much are you satisfied with the Swedish national team performance at the Olympic Games?

The goal was of course much higher than reaching the quarterfinals. I think we have a lot of good players in Sweden, but they did not manage to perform on their highest levels at the same time. I hope that some extra months, before the European Championships in December, with the new coach can create a greater sense of security and I think it is extremely important to find a good self-confidence and create a greater winning mentality.

-Where do you see Savehof this year?

As I said before, Sävehof is a team with great possibilities and is on its way forward. However, I still think it is a decent way to the very top, but I believe we will take more points in Champions League than ever before… and then let’s see how far it will take us!…

Johanna AhlmFoto: Amina - Europamester.dk

Johanna AhlmFoto: Amina – Europamester.dk